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Established since 1992 Affordable Aerials together with FW Meir have been fitting aerials for over 21 years
When it comes to qualitty sevice at an affordable price you can trust us to deliver.
Affordable Aerials Prices

At Affordable Aerials we like to be completely open and honest which is what has stood us in good stead with our returning customers and has kept us going for so many years. We believe that you deserve the best service at the best price, with that in mind below are a selection of our prices for digital aerials, satellite and wall mounting TVs.

Before we undertaking any work, our engineers assess the job and give you a firm quote. We will only ever start if you give us the go-ahead.

We provide a free, no-obligation quote with no VAT or hidden charges.

- Engineers Visit providing a free no obligation quote FREE -

- General Repair Work £35.00 -

Fully Installed Digital Aerials
1 TV Point 2 TV Points 3 TV Points 4 TV Points
£80.00 £110.00 £140.00 £170.00


Extra Points from existing Aerials
1 Extra Room 2 Extra Rooms 3 Extra Rooms
£40.00 £70.00 £100.00


Satellite Dishes - Freesat (Sky)
Single LNB 1 Lead Quad LNB 2 Leads Quad LNB 3 Leads Quad LNB 4 Leads
£75.00 £100.00 £125.00 £150.00


Additional Leads - fitted to an existing Satellite Dish
1 additional lead 2 additional leads 3 additional leads
£45.00 £70.00 £95.00


TV Wall Mounting (including bracket)
Up to 22" Up to 32" Up to 42" Over 422"
£50.00 £60.00 £70.00 £80.00